A Woody Week

By November 4, 2019

It may have felt like winter this week, but the fall is not over yet. We still have many projects to finish and experience before Thanksgiving break. One project that we will be putting the finishing touches on this week is our Ent Cards. We began by studying the trees in our area and learning about their history, uses, and qualities. It was amazing to see how much richer the world became, simply by starting to notice the trees around us. We then tried to picture each of these trees as an Ent, with its own personality.  The boys have been hard at work imagining, researching, and drawing their cards and we are proud of the results.

Our dramatic endeavors are in full swing and the boys have enjoyed stepping into the world of the distinguished detective, Sherlock Holmes. Our evening theater performances are a little over a week away and we look forward to performing our plays for you.

Also starting this week, the boys will be writing a letter to an author. This year we are pleased to be writing to Christopher Tolkien, son of J.R.R Tolkien. We are honored to be corresponding with the son of the man whose work has so profoundly influenced the culture of Riverside.

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