The Tutorial

By October 2, 2014

The Riverside Tutorial is off and rolling. Over the past two weeks, the apprentices have bonded over spirited ice-breaker games; they have had their creative juices tapped for blogs and stories; they have learned the basics of drawing for their natural history sketchbooks, and have begun work on their first major Bus-stop: The Island of the Lost Boys Radio Show! And these “beamish boys” have still found time to take a vorpal sword in hand, and slay the jabberwocks that run amok at Mayslake and Northside Park, where the tutorals take place.


Already in these first two weeks,the talents and enthusiasms of the apprentices have started to reveal themselves.They have captured cicadas, found geo-caches, biked through rainstorms. These boys are birders, newspapermen, snap-circuit engineers, archers, fishers, fierce young hearts with stories of their own to share- the adventures they have lived, and the adventures yet to come.


A few days ago, the apprentices had the chance to meet and mingle with those from other sections and play soccer and football in a spirit of camaraderie. It was the first of many such gatherings for the boys of the tutorial, just one of the exciting offerings of the Riverside Center.


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