Carnivorous plants by Sam H.

By November 20, 2019

When you think plants you probably don’t think carnivores. But that’s what I chose so too bad!

Carnivorous plants come in every shape and form. They can be found in swampy environments. The bladderwort plant looks normal from above but underneath is where its dangerous. Its roots act like tiny vacuums that suck in any creature unlucky enough to be nearby. The sundew plant looks like nothing out of the ordinary, but look closer. It has tiny little tentacles that have sweet smelling goo that will attract flies and gnats. Once a bug has landed, it slowly curls up and traps it. Then by using its acid to melt down the bug, it digests it. As you can tell all carnivorous plants have many different ways of eating all sorts of creatures, like gnats, flies. mice, and even small birds. In a nut shell they are as dangerous as they are different.

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