Easter Island by Finn R.

By November 7, 2019

Easter Island…Easter Island…Easter Island. “Wow” your thinking, “What kind of a name is that for an Island?” Or you’re thinking “Oh yeah I’ve heard about this island. Isn’t that the place with all the weird faces?” Or you just know about it from the movie “Night at the Museum.” Anyway I’m getting off track.

Easter island is located in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Chile, where it can range from 60-80 fahrenheit. The legendary Island is known for “Moai” the huge heads placed all over the island. The bodies of these huge heads are underground covered by layers of dirt. Though Easter Island was once fertile and lush, it is now a desolate hilly country with no trees, due to the cutting down of trees for quarries. The population of 4,000 people built these huge statues facing inland in the belief that they were surrounded by monsters that craved their flesh. And so believing they where the only humans on earth, they built these huge statutes  so that any attacker would then have to come from within the city and the protection of the circle of statues that surrounded it. These faces were once full body’s but as the earth changed the body’s sunk lower and lower until nothing but their faces remained. If your looking for a beautiful vacation spot far from anything (or anyone) this is just the place for you!


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