Giraffe necked weevil by Charlie O’Leary

By November 13, 2019

The Giraffe necked weevil is an interesting insect that derived it’s name from it’s long neck. The males neck can be two to three times longer than the females. The male uses its long neck for fighting. The female uses its shorter neck and strong legs to roll a leaf of a plant into a tube and lays a single egg in the tube. Then she folds up the ends and she chews through the stalk.then the tube falls to the forest floor and the young weevil will hatch from the egg and eat the leaf until it is ready to come out.So if you are looking for Giraffe necked weevils you should bring a lot of patience because if spotted the weevil will pull out its transparent wings and fly away. But don’t worry because there are always more than one weevil in the same place.

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