Pythagoras’ Religion by Nate M.

By November 12, 2017

Did you know that ancient Greek Pythagoras started his own religion? In this belief, it was thought that there were two worlds. One world, in which everyone could see, was called the physical or limited world. The other world was called the limited world and could only be seen through math and music. Pythagoras also said that the soul was immortal, and when someone died their soul would move to another animal. Pythagoreans (Pythagoras’ followers) would not eat meat. Beans were thought of as sacred. Beans can make people pass gas, and it was thought that when you pass gas, a piece of your soul will go away. Flames were also holy. Pythagoreans also worshipped the number 10 and believed in many Greek gods, especially Apollo. Pythagoras’ religion is unique. (Source: Pythagoras – Pioneering Mathematician and Musical Theorist of Ancient Greece by Dimitra Karamanides)


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