Shrunken Heads by Conor H.

By November 29, 2017

Have you ever seen a shrunken head?
It’s weird, very weird. Just imagine a head. Now make that head very small and shrivel it. That is a shrunken head.
Now you might be asking yourself how do you make a shrunken head? This is how:
1. You cut open the back of the head and remove the skull.
2. You sew the part of the head that you cut open back together.
3. You sew the upper lip and the lower lip together.
4. You sew the eyelids together.
5. You boil the head.
6. VOILA!!! You have yourself a one of a kind, SHRUNKEN HEAD!!!
The only tribe known to shrink heads is the Jivaroan tribe which consists of three smaller tribes, the Shuar, Achuar, and Huambisa.
This tribe lives in Northern Peru and Eastern Ecuador along the banks of the Maranon River.
They shrink heads for multiple different reasons. To keep as trophies, to trade with other tribe members, they are also one of the many Jivaroan rituals.
That’s most of the weirdness of shrunken heads!

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