Spiral Staircases By Robbie S.

By November 19, 2017

Have you ever been to a medieval castle? Did you wonder why the staircases were always in a spiral? My name is Ilstal, world famous staircase explorer and I am going to answer these questions and more.
First, let’s get this straight, spiral staircases were made for defense, not to look cool. The number one reason, is that a right-handed swordsman is at a disadvantage because his strokes are hindered by the tight walls of the spiral staircase. But there are other reasons that put left-handed attackers and right-handed attackers at a disadvantage, some are; attackers must fight uphill, attackers have to go single file; if you had fifty-five men attacking you would have to face a defender one at a time, also fifty-fifth man would have to stand on fifty-four of his fallen comrades to fight the defender.
Another reason not to attack a spiral staircase is that bows, crossbows, battleaxes and spears would be useless in the close confines of the staircase. Another appealing idea to defenders, defenders could pour boiling liquid on unsuspecting attackers, this would not damage the staircase because the staircase is made from stone.
Some spiral staircases are made with slits in the wall for defenders to stab and jab at attackers while the attackers are climbing the staircase, there is no way for the attackers to fight back. I hope this report helps you to be prepared the next time you charge a spiral staircase!

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