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The Astonishing Brazil Nut by Jake S.

By November 20, 2019

There are two creatures on this earth whose survival depends on the existence of one remarkable tree: The towering Brazil Nut Tree. This tree can grow up to 160 feet and only grows in the Amazon rainforest. The Nut Tree’s proliferation depends on a rodent: the Agouti. The Agouti has sharp chisel-like teeth that can penetrate the durable nut and help spread its seeds.

The Nut Tree is also reliant upon a bee strong enough to pry open the petals of its flower for pollination- otherwise there would be no Brazil nuts! A pungent smell is bestowed upon the male bee from a rainforest orchid; the female bee is attracted to this which is why she is nearby.
Although many have tried to manipulate these bees to pollinate in other areas, but they are not easy to control, and so farmers cannot grow these trees in a concentrated area, like an orchard. Astonishingly, harvesters collect as much as 175 pounds of brazil nuts that are sprinkled around the rainforest.

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