The Deadly Mantis Shrimp by Benedict S.

By November 29, 2017

As you probably know we have three types of color-receptive cones
Red, green & blue. but the mantis shrimp has 16 color-receptive cones which enable it to see in ultraviolet and infrared!
And it has clubs to kill prey.
Its punch has the acceleration with the same velocity as a gunshot from a 22 Caliber rifle.
If we had a 1/10 of that speed and force we could throw a baseball into orbit!
The speed of its punch is fifty times faster than a blink of your eye.
Their limbs move so quickly that the water around the limbs boils. The bubbles from the boiling water are pushed forward and collapse causing an underwater shockwave that can kill prey even if the punch misses. It can even kill a blue ring octopus- one of the most venomous octopuses.
Its power can smash through the shell of a clam. Hence, the name: The Deadly Mantis Shrimp!

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