The Goblin Shark by Brendan I. A. B. Higgins

By December 22, 2017

In the deep waters of the ocean, a devilish creature dwells. This monstrous beast, 125 million years old, is Mitsukurina Owstoni or the Goblin Shark. This creature is quite curious. It has the shape of any normal Shark, but its head, well, that is quite interesting. It has an outer head, which uses its mouth to stun its prey, and it lunges out a long neck with a mouth that instantaneously devours its prey. 12 feet long and 460 pounds, whoa, is he big. Don’t worry so much about the goblin shark. It mostly likes the taste of fish, as well as squids and pelagic crustaceans. While only 50 have been seen since 1898, the Goblin Shark might be looking for a tasty treat, and might just show up.

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