The Most Venomous Creature in the World by Jack O’

By November 29, 2017

The Most Venomous Creature in the World
By: Jack O’Leary

What would you imagine the most venomous creature in the world to be? A scorpion? A viper? A cobra? Can you believe it’s a spider: the Brazilian Wandering spider. This eight legged arachnids poison is so deadly a bite requires immediate medical attention and still you might die.
The scientific name of the Brazilian Wandering spider is Phoneutria Fera meaning “murderous” in Greek. Unfortunately, it lives up to its name. Prowling about jungle floors at night, killing and eating things like crickets, large insects, small lizards and mice, this fast moving spider is also known for hiding in bananas. Because of this unique hideout these fierce creatures earn another title, the Banana Spider.
The Brazilian Wandering Spider is a nocturnal creature and it finds a hideout whenever the sun starts to rise. This habit makes the spider particularly deadly because, although it hides frequently in nature’s resources such as termite mounds or under rock slabs, it can also seek a hideout in human territory. The Brazilian Wandering Spider has been found in wood piles, sheds, cars and even in people’s homes. This usually causes accidents when people disturb them.
Even though it doesn’t spin a web, the Brazilian Wandering spider still produces silk which it uses for climbing walls and other sheer surfaces. The female spider also uses the silk to make egg sacks. As soon as the male spider mates with the female spider the male spider only has seconds to get out of her sight before her killing instincts return.
You never want to cross paths with one of these deadly spiders!

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