The Mysteries of Deja Vu by Christian R.

By November 19, 2017

The Mysteries of Deja Vu

Did you know there are two different types of Deja Vu? The Pathological type, which is normally only experienced if you have epilepsy, and the non-pathological type, which occurs to all people, healthy or unhealthy. All though perhaps not all people experience this phenomenon, researches have shown that two thirds of the population have had it and all are amazed by it. Although there are only these two different types of Deja Vu, there are any different ways to experience it.

The most common, is when you have and experience that you associate with a previous experience you cannot remember. Deja Vu in french means, “already seen – a feeling of recollection”. Another way to have Deja Vu is when you have a dream, you forget it, and then you catch a glimpse of it in real life and get mysteriously reminded of it. Deja Vu is very unexpected and quite puzzling. In certain cases, the culprit has gone somewhere he has never been before, but will faintly recognise his surroundings.

I think many people have the experience of dreaming about a conversation with someone they know, the exact words clear, and then the next day, that exact conversation happens with the same dialogue and same person as in your dream. In my humble opinion, this qualifies as a type of Deja Vu.


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