Wobbegong Shark by JT

By November 29, 2017

When people think of sharks they think of the Great White Shark or the Bull Shark, but did you
know that there is a shark that is a flat bottom feeder?  That is the Wobbegong shark, one of the
species that not too many people know about.

Wobbegongs live around the Indonesian islands. They like to hunt in coral reefs.  When they hunt they find a small cave where they can hide.  Next they flatten themselves against the sand and their skin has patterns to help it blend in hiding it from its predators and prey.  Then they start waving their tail in the air as
if their was another fish in the cave.  Fish swimming nearby spot the tail and fall for the Wobbegongs trap.  The Wobbegong shark has long branchy barbles that hang from its mouth so fish swimming nearby mistaken it for seaweed and start nibbling on them.  Then the Wobbegong opens its mouth and sucks the whole fish into its stomach without even taking a bite.  Wobbegongs are able to walk on land as long as their skin is wet so this usually results in
them pulling themselves against the sand to get to tide pools.
The Wobbegong shark is hunted for leather. They are vulnerable on land; that is mainly when they are shot.  If you see one
stay away because they will bite if you threaten them, but no person has ever died from a bite.
That`s really all you need to know about the Wobbegong shark.

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